Strength training is a pretty awesome form of exercise. You consistently make progress toward a tangible goal that doesn’t involve obsessively watching a number on a scale. You get to improve your daily life by not only looking more toned and muscular, but also being able to do more. Strength training will allow you to feel more confident going on that hike, playing on that rec league or just walking through the mall with ease. This confidence expands past what you feel during everyday activities and bleeds over into your personality. You become part of the world of people who strength train and that is an empowering process. I hear from clients every day about how much more confident they feel when interacting with other people, asking for the promotion at work or feeling like they are capable of things they never thought possible. Squatting down and standing up with weight on your back and grinding through that resistance brings out the most confident versions of my clients, and it feels damn good when you have accomplished more than you thought possible.

Strength training is great for all those reasons, but it is also great for fat loss. Once someone commits to a healthy lifestyle, focused on exercise and diet (which is always the first step, I can’t help you until you know you want to help yourself), the next hurdle is the program. How we get from where you are to where you want to be. For all my general fitness clients, I use a training structure that is simple to use and gets great results. Which we will spell out for you in this article. You have to first look at categories of movement. Incorporating movements from each category makes sure we balance the body, simplifies the process, and allows us to keep things fun. If you satisfy all of these categories, you are on your way to a well structured program.

Pick one movement from each category below. The specific exercises in each category have more to do with how well you move and preventing injury than one progression being better than the other.  

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This progression will get you started on the right track to a more fit, more confident life and a sexier, stronger, leaner body.

Make sure you visit my Youtube page for detailed progressions of some of these movements.

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