A Space Build with Community in Mind

No Cardio theater here… here at Progressive Performance we believe in building community around fitness and that is reflected in our space. Focused on using your own body and free weights to get the best workout in Woodinville in the way we were intended to move. Our set up also fosters a sense of community with fellow members which makes it easy to keep coming back to the gym.

Corrective Exercise and Injury Screening

Whether you have a minor tweak or are recovering from surgery we can help. Our proven process around evaluating injury mechanism, posture, mobility and your body’s tolerance for training has helped 100’s of clients move better, feel better, reduce pain and improve performance.

All programs start with a Free Corrective exercise session

Nutrition Coaching

To ensure that all of our clients are successful with their fitness, fat loss and performance goals proper nutrition is one of the most important factors.

Every new client is enrolled in our nutrition coaching program. This program is not just a meal plan but a full education in what changes you specifically need to make to build your ideal body. You will learn lessons through this program and not only allow you to eat the foods you love and lose weight while doing it but give you a nutrition strategy for life.

Our Gym Mascot: Penny

We believe that fitness should be fun, a stress reliever and inviting. This is why Penny is such a big part of our environment. She loves pets and will greet you when you come in for your first session. She is looking forward to meeting you.

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