Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training

One-on-one training has a lot going for it. With a customized workout program and guidance, a personal trainer puts you on a great path. But there’s something powerful about the group experience too, where you workout with a community of people that know you by name, push you to new heights, and care about keeping you accountable. 

Have your cake and eat it too

Progressive Performance’s small group training is a great way to get personalized guidance and the support of a team around you.

Group energy and personalized training

Group energy and personalized training

Complete injury screening

When you come in for your first session, your trainer will guide you through a complete injury screening assessment. This gives you and your trainer valuable data on how to keep you safe from injury.

A private training experience

Let go of feeling awkward or self-conscious in the gym. Private one-on-one training helps you focus and get the most value from your time.

Expert coaching and guidance

An expert coach will give you hands-on tuition in correct technique. They’ll put you on a path to real results that can transform your life.

And most importantly: Feel accountable

Let’s face it. It’s easy to “fall through the gaps” in a big, faceless gym. You’re anonymous there. The great thing about working out in a small group is you’re not alone. You get to help each other build a healthier lifestyle. And that all adds up to lasting transformation.

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The science backs it up

Group training works.
Studies prove that people who exercise in small groups are more likely to make real and permanent changes to their quality of life. And they’re more likely to be less stressed while doing it. If you’ve struggled to stay motivated in a regular gym, small group training may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you want to have your workout cake and eat it too, sign up for Progressive Performance small group training. Get your fitness on track with friends who have your back every step of the way.

Get motivated. Stay accountable. Change your life today.

Not for you? Get your money back, no questions asked

If you decide a small group isn’t for you in your first 28 days, you can simply cancel your membership and walk away with no further obligation. We offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. No pressure sales. No contract fine print.

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