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Progressive Performance is a personal training and strength and conditioning company  owned and operated by Jimmy McCurry, CSCS in  Woodinville Washington.  Jimmy believes that everyone is on a continuum and that there is a place for everyone in the strength and conditioning world. Progressive Performance provides strength and conditioning for anyone from any walk of life.  We have a program for the everyday athlete or stay at home mom, programs are specific to your needs. We also offer services to local sports teams; currently programing training for soccer teams and wrestling teams in Woodinville and surrounding areas. No matter who you are if you are rehabilitating an injury, have a weight loss goal, want to get ready for that summer back packing trip, or you want to get bigger faster and stronger for sports performance, there is a place for you at Progressive Performance.

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We are currently developing content including informational articles, video tutorials and training motivation. Check back for updates on content and be part of the Progressive Performance community.

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