When Things Don’t Go to Plan

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Not everything is going to go to plan. 

You know in life things rarely turn out exactly like they you think they should. 

The kids don’t get picked up on time. 
The laundry isn’t ready when you need that one shirt. 
You walk out the door and forget your lunch. 

Or in my case right now with building the new gym space, the contractors you hire can’t get the permitting they need in a timely manner and it’s driving you crazy… 

The point is when things don’t go as planned, you can’t worry too much about it. You have to worry about the things you can control. I can’t control the permitting, all I can control is reaching out to the contractors and then the city to make sure our projects get done on time. 

Look at how you can salvage the situation and what you can control, not how bad the situation is. Yes you can get frustrated but try not to let it affect your progress moving forward. 

For a lot of people nutrition is a big one that falls off the rails when your schedule gets hectic. 

So you forgot your lunch and you don’t really have many healthy low calorie options for lunch, just track your food as best you can and eat less at dinner.  

So you caved and ate that doughnut in the break room… Have a salad and a chicken breast for lunch. 

So your kid’s birthday party is tonight and you want to have some cake. Don’t go off the rails, just plan for it and eat a smaller lunch or a protein only dinner. 

Just because your schedule is different or things are not going to plan doesn’t mean that everything is lost. Yes, sometimes it’s inevitable and you will be off on your calories. 

There is a lot more you can control than you realize you just have to sit back take a minute and process the best decision you can make in the moment. 

When things don’t go to plan remember YOU  are still in control.

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