Tips to Help You Stay Committed to Fitness in The New Year

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The new year is approaching and everyone is making resolutions. A lot of resolutions involve fat loss and fitness goals. It seems like everyone feels guilty about all the food they have been eating,and all the exercise they didn’t do over the holidays. As we all know, the gym is packed for about the first 2 months of the year, but then those resolutioners drop off. Why is that? People have a hard time making that lifestyle change, and an even harder time if they are doing it alone.  If you have some fitness goals in the new year there are a few ways you can avoid becoming a resolutioner and make fitness a lasting change in your lifestyle.

Join a Community

Working out with other people really helps you stay committed to the new habit. Join a class, or grab a workout buddy. You can keep each other accountable and you will stay with it for a longer period of time.

Plan Your Day Around It

When you want to make a habit stick, take all the elements of variation out of it. If you know you want to start working out but you don’t plan a time of day to do it, by the end of the day your ability to make conscious decisions and changes in your life has been worn down. It is much easier to plan these activities out and schedule them so that you don’t even have to think, you just have to do.

When shedding that new year body fat keep these two tips in mind.

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