Afraid of Looking Bulky? 5 Real Benefits of Weight Training for Women

As a strength coach at a small personal training boutique, I get the opportunity to train a lot of women looking to improve their physique, health markers, and habits. Oftentimes, my novice female clients who are just starting out in our gym lifting weights will express that they really don’t want to get bulky, so […]

8+ Travel Workout Strategies to Fight Off the Holiday Pounds This Year

With the holiday season right around the corner, all the parties, family gatherings, and festive foods, you might be fretting thinking about how to keep the winter weight from adding up. Fear not! Working out while you’re traveling (or away from the gym) is the best way to offset a few extra sweets and calories. […]


When you say the year 2020 out loud does it sound weird? How about writing it? After the holidays, I am always looking forward to the New Year with great anticipation!   Why? Because I have my 2020 goals under control. 2020 is going to be lots of change for me personally, due to my youngest […]

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