Sport specificity refers to the principle that in sport performance training by training a certain body part or component of a sport your results will yield a benefit specifically related to that sport. This implies that an athlete needs to incorporate certain exercises and skills into a training program if that athlete hopes to become better in their given sport. 

For example, a track and field sprinter who is looking to get faster should spend more time running, practicing there sprinting mechanics and start times. Incorporating these sport specific movements will have an added benefit in an athlete’s training by developing and practicing their specific sport skills is important so they are more familiar with the motor patterns involved in the movement. 

This principle can be best explained by comparing what it’s like to learn how to ride a bike. Riding a bike is an awkward movement at the start, you may even fall a few times, but once those pedals get going you’ll never forget. 

Here at Progressive Performance, we recognize the value of sport specific movements and that is why specific movements are incorporated into our youth athlete program. We focus on sport based drills to start off each session of our sports performance program.  

Running Drills
All youth athletes perform a form of running mechanic drills in order to perfect the way they run during competition, these drills consist of our wall drill and high knee drill which enforce knee drive and toe position. 

Jump Training
A jumping/landing exercise is performed next, this helps to teach the athlete to propel themselves properly and land in an athletic position to take off in any direction or jump again much like how they would in competition. 

For athletes not competing in ball sports this is still a fantastic exercise for force production, but specifically for athletes competing in ball sports, this teaches them the movement of passing or throwing while also creating more force output due to the weighted object.

We address these movements at the start of the session to ingrain the patterns being performed into these young athletes minds so then when it comes to game day the athlete doesn’t even have to think about it, and they are ready to put it all out on the field.    

If you are looking to get your athlete jumping higher, running faster, and throwing further then our program is for you. Learn more about our program HERE

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