Most of us now work jobs where we are seated in front of a computer, traveling in a car or plane or carting kids around for most of the day. This can create some problems with posture and the mobility and stability we have. This needs to be improved so that we can all lead a more active lifestyle when we are not working, and do it safely and effectively. One of the big problems that we can address immediately is the seated position we all find ourselves in.

There is no perfect posture! You may have been told that sitting a certain way is the best way to sit. What has actually been found is that changing positions regularly is the best way to avoid falling into a posture that could potentially cause you some issues. Sitting on a stability ball or standing at your desk all day will still result in a less than optimal postural position over time. The first strategy that you need to take on is setting a timer every 60-90 minutes so you can get up from your desk, take a break and walk around the office. If you are traveling or chauffeuring kids around, it would be wise to get out of the car or get up and stretch your legs out every 60-90 minutes. This will help you to not stay in the same position all day and give those joints some much needed variability and lubrication.

Along with changing positions regularly and taking frequent breaks there are a few exercises that everyone in this seated world we live in can benefit from. These will keeping you more limber, and more stable so you can keep doing the things you love to do.

Hip Flexor Stretch

T Spine Extension Mobility

Side band walk or clam shell

Standing Y raises

Conduct Each of these exercises for 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps and you will be on your way to better mobility 

These exercises will help you keep that body moving and really make you feel more mobile and stronger in the gym. If you liked these exercises make sure you sign up for your free eBook and newsletter for more content like this on a regular basis.  


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