Why Calories Should Be Your #1 Focus for Weight Loss


Weight loss is really very simple, seeing the number on the scale decrease all comes down to a basic math problem. Are you taking in less calories than you are expending on a daily basis? Or more simply, are you eating less calories than you are burning on a daily basis? The types of foods […]

3 Restaurant Strategies for Ordering Goal-Oriented Food


Are you an absolute superstar adhering to your nutrition strategy and losing weight when you’re making all of your food at home, but trying to order a meal at a restaurant makes you feel panicked, overwhelmed, or defeated? You’re not alone! Many of my nutrition clients struggle feeling confident eating outside of their normal routine […]

Weekend Nutrition, Alcohol, and Its Effect on Your Weight Loss Goals

Weekend Nutrition

As a nutrition coach, one of the most common things I hear from new clients is that they eat “really good” during the work week, but then the wheels fall off with their weekend nutrition. Less optimal weekend nutrition is often due to a multitude of reasons: social events, date nights, alcohol, meal prep and […]

Afraid of Looking Bulky? 5 Real Benefits of Weight Training for Women

As a strength coach at a small personal training boutique, I get the opportunity to train a lot of women looking to improve their physique, health markers, and habits. Oftentimes, my novice female clients who are just starting out in our gym lifting weights will express that they really don’t want to get bulky, so […]

Going Gluten-Free isn’t your ticket to guaranteed weight loss in 30 days

When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, there are no shortage of ‘solutions’ recommended to us. How do you know if the touted results are accurate and reflective of the product being pushed, diet to follow, or supplement to take? Could it really just be as simple as going gluten-free, or removing a specific […]


Women get bulky from lifting Carbs make you fat Fruit has too much sugar  Eating late at night makes you fat  You need cardio to lose weight You can out exercise a bad diet Intermittent fasting is magic for fat loss These are all common things that I hear from not only new clients, but […]


When you’re deciding to eat or drink something, what is your main motivation behind choosing that particular item? Aside from being hungry or thirsty, it’s likely because you like the taste, texture, or feeling that consuming that food or drink gives you. Do you ever find yourself rewarding certain things like exercising at the gym, […]


One of the pillars of building lifestyle habits that promote a healthy weight is SLEEP! Lack of sleep (also called insomnia even if it is lack of sleep hygiene) has been shown in multiple scientific studies to create chaos.   In most of the studies, one of the variable groups was deprived of sleep purposely to […]

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