Why Calories Should Be Your #1 Focus for Weight Loss


Weight loss is really very simple, seeing the number on the scale decrease all comes down to a basic math problem. Are you taking in less calories than you are expending on a daily basis? Or more simply, are you eating less calories than you are burning on a daily basis? The types of foods […]

The Keto Diet is Not #1 for a Healthy Lifestyle (or Sustainable Weight Loss)

The Keto Diet is the newest (but not actually new) craze for seeing those pounds melt off. Just weeks from flab to flat, right? Let’s talk about all of the ins and outs of this buzzword diet strategy, and figure out if the results are really worth the restrictions. What exactly is the Keto Diet […]


When you’re deciding to eat or drink something, what is your main motivation behind choosing that particular item? Aside from being hungry or thirsty, it’s likely because you like the taste, texture, or feeling that consuming that food or drink gives you. Do you ever find yourself rewarding certain things like exercising at the gym, […]

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