Are Deadlifts Bad for Your Back?

One of the most intimidating exercises for novice gym goers has to be deadlift – picking up weight from the ground to describe it simply. Many of our new clients and athletes often approach this exercise with trepidation because they think that deadlift will cause back pain and injury. But, is the deadlift actually bad […]

Why Calories Should Be Your #1 Focus for Weight Loss


Weight loss is really very simple, seeing the number on the scale decrease all comes down to a basic math problem. Are you taking in less calories than you are expending on a daily basis? Or more simply, are you eating less calories than you are burning on a daily basis? The types of foods […]

3 Restaurant Strategies for Ordering Goal-Oriented Food


Are you an absolute superstar adhering to your nutrition strategy and losing weight when you’re making all of your food at home, but trying to order a meal at a restaurant makes you feel panicked, overwhelmed, or defeated? You’re not alone! Many of my nutrition clients struggle feeling confident eating outside of their normal routine […]

4 Simple Activities to Start Improving Your Fitness Today

Improving Your Fitness

One of the biggest questions or concerns we hear as personal trainers is how to start improving your fitness when you don’t know where to start. Whether you are a gym novice or decades-old veteran who has gotten out of your fitness pattern, you can make healthy habits part of your life through small but […]

Weekend Nutrition, Alcohol, and Its Effect on Your Weight Loss Goals

Weekend Nutrition

As a nutrition coach, one of the most common things I hear from new clients is that they eat “really good” during the work week, but then the wheels fall off with their weekend nutrition. Less optimal weekend nutrition is often due to a multitude of reasons: social events, date nights, alcohol, meal prep and […]

Afraid of Looking Bulky? 5 Real Benefits of Weight Training for Women

As a strength coach at a small personal training boutique, I get the opportunity to train a lot of women looking to improve their physique, health markers, and habits. Oftentimes, my novice female clients who are just starting out in our gym lifting weights will express that they really don’t want to get bulky, so […]

Demystifying Weight Lifting Gear: Do you need it to be successful?

If you’re new to strength training, working with free weights, and powerlifting you might have a few questions about the different types weight lifting gear used by other lifters in your gym. I’m going to give you the rundown on what each of the pieces of equipment are and when they should be used so […]

7 Things to Know About Your 1st Powerlifting Meet

Are you thinking about trying your hand at powerlifting? You’ve been seeing your strength and performance improve at the gym, and maybe you’ve been following a progressive training strategy that has you set up to peak. Why not test your one rep maxes in a competitive setting with a stage (a.k.a. platform) and people cheering […]

To Arch or Not to Arch Your Bench Press: 6 Steps to a Better Bench

Bench press

What does an arch do for your bench press? Are you planning to compete in powerlifting? What are your goals in training the bench press? What is a Bench Press Arch? If you’re planning to train bench in order to move the most weight possible in a competitive setting, working on getting your back in […]