Small Group training is our main focus at Progressive Performance. Small group training has a general theme but is tailored for your specific needs within the session, so you are conducting exercises that are applicable to you. In small group training, you will come in to the gym at your designated hour. Your workout will be on the whiteboard, which includes a warm up, 4-6 prime movements and some core work at the end of the session. You will share the hour with up to 5 other clients, creating a motivating, fun, supportive, and comfortable experience for everyone. Group training is organized in 1, 2 and 3 times a week commitments with yearly and monthly contracts. The most successful clients at Progressive Performance commit to 2 times a week or more.

Why Train in a Group?

Not only is training in a group more fun than training by your self but you are more likely to stick with your goals and attend sessions more frequently. When you train with a group you become part of a family at the gym. All the members support, motivate and challenge each other to be better. When the gym is more fun you want to come back, time and time again. If that is to see your friends, to get a high number on the PR board or to just have a good time in a supportive fun atmosphere, group training is for you.