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Imagine Being
Fit in 28 Days

Psychologists have found if you have a specific accountability appointment ( personal training) with a person you’ve committed, you increase your chance of success by up to 95%. We understand how difficult it can be to stay consistent with gym workouts and meal planning. We’re here to help.



  1. Folks Ready for Change – You’re looking to be healthier, toner, more fit, and we have the answer. Just show up and we’ll do it together.
  2. Those With Empathy – Everyone here is at different fitness levels, walks of life, age groups, and we love that so you should too.
  3. Those Looking for Results – We’re so confident we’ll help you achieve your goals, we have a 100% stronger you or money back guarantee.


  1. No Laziness – There’s no secret or magic “button” to press to live life in a dream body. It all starts with just showing up.
  2. No Poor Attitudes – Our team and clients here at Progressive Performance are practically family. We encourage, motivate, lift each other up, and become the best we can be.

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Our Simple Process to a Dream Body

Our fitness plans are custom tailed to you! We realize there is no one-size-fits-all and that is what makes our success rate soar above industry standards.


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I've been a member of PP since the beginning. The coaches here have not only helped me with my injuries and performance in triathlons but have helped me lose weight and build a plan I know I will be successful with.

Kathy V.

I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been since starting at PP 7 years ago. Believe it or not I actually now hold 3 powerlifting world record, which is pretty cool to say as a grandma.

Deb W.

The community here feels like home. From the very first moment I walked in the door it felt like family. I have also been able to manage my diabetes way better since joining and that feels great.

Jo D.

The coaches here know how push each individual in their own way. Every time I walk out those doors after a workout I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. The coaches here really care.

Brenda M.

With the help of PP I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible. My strength, health and self confidence are better than I ever imaged they would be. I love this place! 6

Debbie D.


Jimmy McCurry Jr.

Owner/ Head Coach

Jimmy is a Woodinville native. He attended Woodinville high school
and graduated in 2007. Jimmy wrestled in high school and fell in love
with weight training. Through wrestling, he illustrated at an early age
his work ethic. In 2007 a new award was created at Woodinville to
represent that hard work. Jimmy has the honor of presentingthis
award to the most improved wrestler every year, the McCurry award..
Jimmy has coached wrestling for Leota Timbercrest and Woodinville.

Jimmy has 13 years experience as a personal trainer/strength coach.
Jimmy completed Western Washington University’s Kinesiology
program in 2011. While completing this program and working as a
personal trainer he went on to earn the gold standard in strength
coach certifications, the NSCA CSCS. Jimmy is always educating
himself, reading the most recent scientific research, referencing text
books from well respected professors and attending seminars
regularly. After earning his CSCS Jimmy earned a certification as a
corrective exercise specialist (CES) from Kinetic Integrations. Jimmy
is currently pursuing certification from the Postural Restoration
Institute adding to his breadth of knowledge.

We Guarantee You'll be Stronger

If you attend a minimum of 12 sessions over your 28 day
program and you don’t feel more energy, get stronger, and
have less pain we will give you 100% of your money back on
the spot. That is our stronger you promise!


  • Weekly custom nutrition
    coaching updates

  • 28 days of unlimited sessions
    with a personal trainer

  • 62 page trainer approved
    healthy recipe guide

  • Custom workouts that fit you

  • 2 injury screening session

  • Cardio and weight training

  • All in our supportive community