Our PPStrong community is family—and family takes care of each other. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we sat down to put in place a plan and procedure that goes beyond the guidelines. 

Click below to see the details of our plan and protocols to keep your health & safety our highest priority as we reopen our fitness studio, but keep in mind this is just a start – we have a few more upgrades in the works! As we learn more throughout this situation, we’ll be constantly fine-tuning and updating our standards, protocols, and procedures with the latest—so you can always check back here.

The cleanliness of our facility has always been a point of pride because we are dedicated to the health, safety, and confidence of our community. But now we’re taking it to an even higher level. 

Facility Updates

Our Health & Safety Protocols
Client Responsibility
Moving Forward

Facility Updates

As we get the green-light from our state government officials, we’ll evaluate if we feel comfortable safely reopening our facility for in-person training sessions.

As soon as we do, we’ll notify our clients and add reopening dates and details here.

As of May 19th: our personal training studio will be allowed to open in Phase 2 of WA State Gov. Inslee’s ‘Safe Start’ plan. King County does not yet have a definitive date to begin Phase 2 openings.

The PPSTRONG Standard for Health & Safety

The safety of our PP community has always been our top priority, and we’re even more focused on it now. To set the tone for our industry, we’ve made changes to enhance how we operate—all designed to keep our clients, staff, and coaches safe.  Here are all the changes you can expect:

Our heightened attention to hygiene and our deep-cleaning protocol

Grey Cleaner.png
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Top-grade disinfectant & more frequent cleaning.

PP Staff will use a disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 in all common areas before and after check-ins—with a heightened attention to equipment, weights, flooring, and all high-touch surfaces after every session. We’ll also be deep cleaning the entire facility from top to bottom daily.

Disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

After every session, we’ll disinfect doorknobs, handles, light switches, water refill station, bathroom, soft surfaces like benches, chairs, Airex pads, and any equipment used for instruction by coaches and staff.

All weights and equipment disinfected.

PP Staff and Coaches will thoroughly disinfect all weights, bars, benches, equipment, and flooring in each exercise pod after every session.

COMING SOON! Top-grade disinfectant, with electrostatic distribution.

Our new disinfectant protocol allows us to spray more evenly, gets hard-to-reach crevices, clings to every surface it coats, and is proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. PP Staff will use the electrostatic distribution of the disinfectant on dumbbells, barbells, and other hard-to-clean pieces of equipment daily.


Staff face masks & gloves.

Staff will be required to wear face masks when interacting with clients before, during, and after sessions. Gloves will be strongly recommended as well. After deep cleaning, they’ll wash their hands before refreshing gloves and masks as needed.

Clients will not be required to wear masks or gloves during with workouts, though may do so if they so choose.

Before Your Strength Session


Staff health check.

Every PP Coach and Staff member will have their temperature checked before entering the facility. When necessary, we’ll follow our elevated temperature protocol.

Unless otherwise mandated, clients’ temperatures will not be checked before entering the facility.

Health Declaration

Before starting your session, you must sign a Health Declaration and Liability Waiver stating that you agree to the health and safety parameters put in place by our government. You will also be asked by PP staff and coaches about your current health condition, or whether you believe you may have been exposed to someone diagnosed with a communicable illness like COVID-19.

If you have been diagnosed with, appear to have symptoms related to, or think you may have been exposed to someone who is suspected to be infected with COVID-19, you will not be permitted entry to the facility.

Session limits.

All strength sessions will be limited to 5 clients and 1 coach. Reservations through Zen Planner will be mandatory, and cancellations must be made no less than 6 hours in advance of your session start time.

Each strength session will last a maximum of 45 minutes (including warm-ups & training time). Be as efficient and quick with your warm-ups and workout so that you can leave the studio satisfied with your performance.

Entering and exiting the studio.

PP staff and coaches will open front doors for clients at the time of session start. If the doors are closed, please remain in cars until the doors are open.

Doors will be closed 5 minutes after the hour, if you arrive after the doors have been closed you have missed your session and will not be permitted late entry. Our recommendation: Arrive early and wait for the doors to open for your scheduled session.

At the 45 minute mark, your PP coach will prompt you to end your workout. You will be given the opportunity to use the bathroom to thoroughly wash your hands before leaving the facility – PP staff will direct clients to maintain social distancing and safety measures. PP staff and coaches will open the doors for you to exit the studio, and will take those 15 minutes to fully sanitize all equipment, weights, and flooring in each exercise ‘pod’ in preparation for the following strength session.


Hand sanitizing.

All clients must wash their hands with soap and water (or use hand sanitizing gel) upon entry to the studio. Hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfecting wipes will be provided by PP for use within the facility.

COMING SOON! Touch-less Sink faucet.

We have already made upgrades to our bathroom to improve hygiene and cleanliness standards by installing touch-less soap dispenser and paper towel holder.


Social distancing practices.

PP staff and coaches will work to get clients in and out of the studio efficiently, while maintaining social distancing practices. To help illustrate, floor markers will indicate the boundaries of each exercise pod. Clients will remain in their selected exercise pod for the duration of their session.

When not in your exercise pod, please do your best to maintain a 6’ distance between yourself and others. We also ask that you avoid congregating near the cubbies, water refill station, and bathroom.

After Your Strength Session

Sanitizing wipes & sprays.

We will continue to provide you with sanitizing wipes and sprays for you to use to within the facility to sanitize and wipe down the equipment used during your strength session.


Please avoid congregating near the storage cubbies. After using a cubbie, sanitize the inside and outer rim of your cubby, or keep all personal items with you during your session.

Client Responsibility: Keeping our Community Safe

We’ve put a lot of changes in place—with details beyond what you see here. The way our new safety protocols will be most effective is if we all make sure to do our part in it. (Good thing our PP Clients are the best people).

Aside from respecting the safety guidelines put in place by our government, we ask that any client coming to the facility walks in with the approach all of our PP Fit Fam takes for most things: Go above and beyond for each other.

Please make sure to practice social distancing to your very best ability, inside and outside of the facility. Practice cleanliness and hygiene standards as recommended by the CDC guidelines.

If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you’re symptom-free and fever-free for three days.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

If you feel unwell or have any concerns about coming in to workout, please stay home and stay safe. 

We’re encouraging clients and staff to limit person-to-person contact, including hugs & high fives. Community and love is in the fabric of PP—but right now, this is the best way to take care of our PP Fit Fam.

It might be a bit overwhelming at first. But trust us: As soon as you get your hands on a bit of iron, you’ll find yourself in that familiar place you know and love. That sanctuary you’ve been needing now more than ever is even safer now—and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Moving forward: we will continue to monitor the situation.

While we’re taking every precaution to keep our community safe (and encourage you to do the same), we’re acutely aware of and highly prepared for the possibility of a second wave.

In the event that there is a reported case of COVID-19 in our facility and you were potentially in contact with the individual, you’ll be notified immediately. From there, we’ll take the proper safety precautions to disinfect the studio from top to bottom.

With no way to predict what will happen, the best way we can prepare is to respond and evolve as the situation develops—with nothing but your health and safety in mind.

Whether you plan to join us in the studio, or feel more comfortable staying home, we’re here for you. If you have questions or concerns, let’s talk it out at [email protected]